About Mandarina by Skunk®

Now is the time to challenge preconceptions. Join the revolution. Embrace the perfume that lifts you higher. Mandarina is a celebration of the intense, evocative scent of the cannabis plant; and its unique ability to transform throughout the day.

A Fragrance for Everyone

This fragrance is a Unisex fragrance. We thought as the cannabis plant is for everyone, no matter what Sex you are and no matter where you come from nor what class you are, we would represent this with this fragrance.

Mandarina fragrance is made from very high quality ingredients and being a beautifully blended Eau De Parfum it smells like the subtle Mandarina strain of the cannabis plant and lasts a long time on your skin. The scent starts off fresh and clean with citrus notes and the green cannabis earthy smell that then starts to evolve through the plants flower stages.


Andalusian Fragrance

Mandarina by Skunk® features the fragrance of the Mandarina cannabis plant – one of nature’s most elusive, exclusive scents. Buds are harvested from the mountains of Andalucía, in Spain at every stage of their development, to create a hypnotic, multi-faceted aroma.

One People – One Fragrance

This isn’t an everyday scent. This is the full-bodied fragrance, designed for connoisseurs.

The question is: Are you ready to open your mind and experience the new face of perfume?

Why choose Mandarina?

Skunk® Fragrances extensive research over 8 years lead to the conclusion that the smell of the Mandarina plant would create a beautiful fragrance. A wide variety of plants with different aromas were tested and trialled but non were as captivating as the Mandarina plant. Which lead to the birth of Mandarina by Skunk®.

The trick was to find the right plant that would be worth imitating and could suit male and female. It also had to blend well on the skin and be complementary. This was the challenge Skunk® Fragrance faced in creating Skunk® Mandarina.

The Mandarina plant is a completely different scent to what is to be expected when it comes to the more familiar strains. It is more subtle, more citrusy, more fresh and has a unique terpene production. The trichomes completely cover the buds, leaves and stems. The Mandarina plant has won so many respectable cups already and it is obvious why. Holding the fresh flower in your hands and smelling that fantastic fragrance right under the nose, Skunk® Fragrance discovered right then and there that the perfect choice had been found. Perfect for the first fragrance.