The History Of Skunk®

No plant has ever been more maligned than cannabis. Yet this amazing plant has the ability to heal, to stimulate, to relax and to ease pain. It also has the capability to produce remarkable, transformative fragrance – which is where the story of Skunk® begins.

The Roots Of Skunk®

The founders of Skunk® had a passion for the natural fragrance of the cannabis flower and realised that attitudes were changing towards cannabis. Revolution was in the air, and people were waking up to the incredible properties of the plant. Eight years ago the team decided to capture this unique fragrance.

Their exploration began; taking them to Holland, France, Spain and even America, in a bid to find the perfect fragrance. There are actually thousands of different strains of cannabis, some strains are fragrances in their own right. The team discovered that plants with a large terpene content produce the finest fragrances, this is why the team chose to replicate the award winning Mandarina strain.

Finding Mandarina

The team discovered Trichome Jungle Seeds in Andalucia, in Spain who had bred the perfect award winning strain of the Mandarina plant.

The scent was incredible, not least because it transformed at every stage of the plant’s development. The early buds smelled quite different to the later flowers, creating an endlessly fascinating, transformative fragrance.

Our founders wanted to capture every note of Mandarina’s flower, from the first growth to the mature bud; so they harvested buds from each part of the plant’s life cycle to replicate the plants delicate notes and tell the story of Mandarina through its evolving scent.

Collector’s Piece

Skunk® is more than a simple perfume. It features some of the world’s purest essential oils; and as such, has been designed for people with real appreciation of the plant. Our iconic bottle reflects this; a stylish, crystal-inspired creation that’s not merely a piece of packaging, but an elegant collector’s piece in its own right.


“Any of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants, especially cannabis and citrus trees. They are based on a cyclic molecule having the formula C10H16.”